Where does the promotion show?

There are two possible places a promotion will show:

1. Native Post-Purchase Promotion

Shopify's recently released "native" 1-click upsell functionality is shown as a new "post-purchase" Checkout step directly after the payment step. Once the customer has reached the post-purchase step, the order has been confirmed and exists within the store. Currently, only credit card based gateways are supported which is a Shopify limitation. Over time, more gateways will be added by Shopify. The design will look similar to the below:

2. Fallback Post-Purchase Promotion

When the native post-purchase step is not shown to the customer (due to an unsupported payment gateway), the upsell offer is shown on the thank you page. The design will look similar to the below:

3. Non Supported Checkout Flows

There are cases where a customer may not see a promotion - these include:

- Multi-currency: Customers who checkout with a currency different from the store default currency will not be eligible for a promotion.

- Local pickup: Customers who elect to ship via local pickup will not be eligible for a promotion.

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