Why do my promotions not show?

There are a number of reasons for why a promotion may not show:

  1. If you've installed another native post-purchase app such as Zipify, Carthook, Ultimate Special Offers, Super Bump, or another, you must first uninstall that app. Shopify will only show an upsell for the first app you installed. Once you uninstall the other app(s), Post Purchase Promotions will show correctly.
  2. Is there is at least 1 promotion enabled.
  3. Does the order qualify for the promotion. Some promotions may have required customer or order eligibility.
  4. Does the promotion have a product not already included in the current order. Currently, if the promotional product appears on the order, the promotion will not show. If no other promotions are eligible, then no promotions would show.
  5. Is the order using local pickup? Local pickup orders are not eligible for order editing which is how the products get added.
  6. Is the order more than 60 days old? Orders older than 60 days will not show promotions.
  7. Is the order fulfillable? Fulfilled orders are not eligible.
  8. Is the order eligible for order editing? This app leverages Shopify's order editing feature which means if an order is fulfilled or utilizes local pickup, a promotional offer will not show.
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