How does this app affect fulfillments?

Post purchase promotions utilizes the newly released order editing functionality to add promotional products directly to the same order. As a result, if your orders are syncing with a 3rd party fulfillment (3PL/ERP) system, the promotional product could be missing at the time of syncing. We recommend the following:

  • If possible, add support for order editing to the fulfillment system.
  • Alternatively, build in a delay between order placement and order syncing. We recommend 30-60 minutes as a default "remorse" period where the 3rd party would wait before importing the order to their system.
    • Also be sure to use the promotion expiration option to ensure a customer must redeem a promotion within say 15 minutes so that promotional products are not added after the order has been sent to the 3rd party system:
    • Additionally, we offer the ability to auto-remove products that were added via upsell but are missing payment. This could happen if the credit card expired or payment could not be confirmed:

How do we add a remorse delay?

  • Ask your fulfillment partner to leverage the created_at_max field on Shopify's Order API (Show orders created at or before date (format: 2014-04-25T16:15:47-04:00) which can take the current time and add a buffer of 30 - 60 minutes to ensure any order created within the last X minutes is not fetched at that sync interval and would be fetched in the next sync. In this example, created_at_max would be current time - 60 minutes for example.
    • Also note, to ensure a promotion is not redeemed outside this "remorse" period, make sure the promotion has the expiration option enabled with a value of 15-30minutes max as detailed above.
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