How does this app work?

Post purchase promotions utilizes the Shopify order editing apis to add the promotional product to the order after checkout.

The current flow works as follows:

1. A customer places an order and is redirected to the Shopify Checkout Thank You page.

2. If a customer's order is eligible, a promotional offer appears on the Thank You page.

3. A customer can click "Add to order" to redeem a promotional product. The product is immediately added to the existing order.

4. If payment is required, the customer is redirected to confirm payment.

5. Once payment is confirmed, the customer is redirected back to the Thank You page with their updated order.

6. After 15 minutes of a promotion redemption, Post Purchase Promotions will auto-tag orders with either Post Purchase Promotion if payment was successful, or it will automatically remove the product and tag the order with Post Purchase Promotion Auto Removed. You can use these order tags to easily filter orders:

Important Note

It's possible that a customer decides to not confirm payment on Step 4. If this happens, the product will be auto-removed from the order after 15 minutes. For this reason, it is recommend a 30 - 60 minute delay in fulfilling orders to ensure the order is fulfilled with a promotional product and that payment was received for a promotional product. For more information, view our fulfillment article.

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