How can we preview the promotion?

Visual Preview

To quickly preview the design and copy of a promotion, click the "Preview" link on the promotion edit page. It's important to note that this link is for visualizing the design of the promotion including copy and translations. Eligibility is not considered when showing this preview:

Eligibility Preview

At this time, the only way to preview a promotion's eligibility is by placing a test order on the storefront. To prevent customers from seeing the promotion, the following steps are recommended:

  1. While creating the promotion, under Customer eligibility, select "Customers with any tag of...." and enter a unique customer tag:
  1. Enable the promotion
  2. Add the customer tag from step 1 to your test customer, for example promotion-test.
  3. On the storefront, log into the customer with the tag from step 1 and place an order that matches the order & product eligibility.
  4. You should see the promotion but note that it will not show for other customers unless they too have the same customer tag.
  5. If all looks good, remove the Customer eligibility or adjust to match your preference and save the promotion.

An easier way to preview promotions is coming soon.

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