How does pricing work?

Currently, all Shopify stores pay a base price of $10 per month. This recurring monthly charge includes the first 100 orders per month. If a store exceeds the 100 orders in a one month period, the store will be charged $10 for every 500 additional orders. The usage resets every month (per your billing cycle). 

  • Note: All charges are in USD.

No. The app only bills for orders shown a promotion - if a customer places an order but does not qualify for a promotion, it does not count towards your usage. Additionally, orders placed outside of the online store such as a recurring subscription order do not count towards your usage.

What does the $500 limit mean?

If you have to process more than 25,000 orders per month (More than $500 in usage charges), there would be no additional billing involved. $500 is the current maximum amount this app would charge the store.

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